Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Photoshoot for DJ SUPERCOZI

Dj Cozi or SUPERCOZI, a really famous Dj from Japan and who live in Bali as the home base since 2002.
This one is the 3rd photo shoot project with Cozi. These pictures are from their profile.
Different with before which was for Album Cover.
The location was on their friend’s villa around Umalas Seminyak area.
The concept was simple, nature and threes as the background.


Yuni, model from Jakarta. Firstly, we met on Facebook, when Yuni came to Bali for doing her job, she also asked me to take pictures of hers. Took place at Dreamland beach, the beach that I haven’t visit for a long time after the name changed become New Kuta Beach. The vibe of Dreamland Beach that is really different from long time ago, which was very natural with small “warung” and small inns on the reefs.
But now, everything are organized, from the parking area, the way to enter the beach are well organized. The photo shooting with Yuni was for fun session.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Vincent and Marco are models from France who live in Bali now.
They join the LIGHTNING model agency, Jade Amar is the owner of the agency asked me to take pictures of Vincent and Marco for their Portopholio. Thanks Jade, Marco and Vincent.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Finally, The June edition of Rolling Stone Magazine is published now, photo shoot that I did for Rolling Stone Magazine with SID (Superman Is Dead) last month. I’m so happy, because the layout is so cool, and the colors are not different. I was so surprised to have 12 pages picture for Rolling Stone Magazine. Looks like on the June edition SID’s picture took the most pages. 11 pages are all picture on them.. hehehehe… For you who haven’t bought the Rolling Stone Magazine June edition, don’t miss it. Thanks for the Editor Mbak Wening Gitomartoyo and the photographer RS, Ludmila Gaffar who have trusted me to take the pictures for Rolling Stone June edition with SID. Thanks for SID, SID management for the corporation, and Gusty my assistant who was helping me during the photo shooting.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Family photoshoot in Bali

Wayan’s and Nonik’s family has been living in Singapore for quite long. The came to Bali for their child “otonan” ceremony. The y asked me to make their family pictures. Their child are still small, so I didn’t have a long time to take the pictures, because it’s hard to keep them on the mood. The photo shooting took only 4 hours at Sanur Beach and Museum Bali.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Behind The Scene Photoshoot SID for Rolling Stone Magazine

That afternoon, I was on the way to make a pre wedding photo shoot, suddenly my phone rang, “ Hello, I’m Wening from Rolling Stone Magazine. Gusde will you be able to take the pictures for Rolling Stone Magazine for June edition?? “ Wow, my heart beat really fast… Rolling Stone??? I couldn’t imagine a really famous magazine like Rolling Stone asked me to take pictures for the mag. I was so excited. “ OK, I will “ that’s what I answered.
Not too bad, I got 10 pages of pictures. And this one, I should take pictures of the Punk Rock Legend Band from Bali, Supermen Is Dead. Which I have took picture of them a few times before.
That day, Mbak Wening (Mag. Editor) dan Mila (photographer) from Rolling Stone Magazine came to Bali to see the process of the photo shoot. First location was at Twice Bar Poppies Kuta, where SID usually hang out, and that place was familiar for me. The next photo shoot was on the day after at around Sanur beach area and ran very well without any problem.
Thanks to Mbak Wening and Mila from Rolling Stone, Mbak Lia and Yenni from SID management, and also Bobby, Eka and Jrx.
Photo liputan by Ludmila Gaffar
Liputan selengkapnya ada disini

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