Thursday, 8 January 2009


Andy, is one of my client who came from United State to Bali only for making the pre wedding photo shoot and to have a short holiday. He booked the photo shooting a long time before. He contacted me a few times to confirm the date and time. Finally, he has a short time for the photo shooting because he was so busy with his short holiday activities in Bali.
Andy hasn’t married yet, but he already has a child. Actually he came to Bali to have pre wedding photo shoots and to get married in Bali, but the wedding was posted because they don’t have complete documents as the government required.
And the photo shooting was so simple and took a short time. They wanted it take place at Tanah Lot only, although I was not sure if we could take many good pictures there. Moreover, the photo shooting started at 4.30 pm. It was so fast, only 2,5 hours until the sunset. What could we do? Show must go on. Even sometimes their baby was crying in the middle of photo shooting. Luckily, there were other 3 photographer of our team helped me to take the pictures from different angle. At least we took more pictures than we expected before.