Thursday, 5 February 2009


This traditional Balinese wedding is belongs to Putu Iyaspayana Mudana Putra and Ida Ayu Kadek Iva Rahayu S. Putu and Iva is a couple from Bali who live in Jakarta for a quite long time. Putu was born and grown in Makasar and then he works in Jakarta. And Iva was born in Lombok, but her parents are form Bali.
Like a normal Balinese wedding, how far they go for works the wedding must be held in their motherland (Bali).
The wedding ceremony was held simply in Putu’s place in Desa Kubu, Bangli. They invited their family, relatives and a few friends who came especially from Jakarta.
The ceremony was simple but meaningful, because they also having meet and greet with their family who live in Kubu.
These are their pictures that I have edited. Thanks…

Sunday, 1 February 2009


This one is the photo shoot post wedding of Mr. Anton and Mrs. Sumiti. This wedding photo shoot took place at Museum Bali, Nusa Dua Beach, Hidden Beach and Tegal Wangi Beach.
Mr. Anton and Mrs. Sumiti are Indonesian who have been living in San Francisco for about 25 years. They came to Bali for holiday and also to make their post wedding pictures. This couple was lucky, because they contacted us 2 days before the photo shooting without any preparations, luckily we did not have any photo shoot schedule at that day.
They also got the Balinese wedding costume that they wore a day before the photo shooting. The weather that was usually unpredictable lately was in our side. It was nice and the sky was so blue. Hemmm.. What a lucky couple.
Even though they are an “old” couple, but this couple just like a young couple. When the photo shooting happened, they were so fun and expressive.
These are a few pictures of them.