Monday, 1 September 2008

Beauty Shoot

Actually, this beauty photo shooting is not suddenly happened. We have arranged this a few days before, but it posted a few times because we did not get any schedule for renting the photo studio. And Luckily, I remembered if there’s any photo shooting schedule on the day that day. And it was 5pm. The schedule was at 6pm, so I went home after work to take my camera and went straightly to the photo studio.
Actually, I help my friend who is an Make up Artist in Bali, we often work together if I have project to take wedding or fashion pictures.
I will do more photo shoot with Melia the Make up Artist. There so many things need to be prepared.
Owh, almost forgot to tell you a bit about the model. Her name is Maya, she’s 15 years old. And it was her first time. Firstly, she was a little bit nervous, but after 3-5 shots, she’s getting use to with the camera and pose confidently.